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Art for your day.

Painting two people as one before the night is done.

Not only do I paint portraits through commission, I also paint live at weddings as part of your reception entertainment. Live Event Painting is a unique way that fine artists can recreate life on a canvas. As a live wedding painter, I portray the couple in two scenes of their choice: during their vows or their first dance. As part of your wedding day, I will be the illustrator of your special moment as it unfolds. I paint the bride and groom as I witness them making history as a married couple. My goal is to capture the special bond between the two through incandescent colors which flow through the wedding decor and lighting of the venue. I arrive early on site to set up my easel and start painting in the environment and decorations. Once the ceremony begins I then paint all figures inside the composition (per request) live at the scene of your event. After the moment passes, I continue to paint and finalize the artwork for your guests to watch as they pass. With this portrait you will leave your special day knowing it was transformed with paint and passion to represent life as you know it! My gift is unique and allows me to paint at a fast pace for you and your guests to observe as I unfold your celebration with a stroke of a brush and a stroke of a clock.